Jerry Smith, Esq.
Risk Management
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THE PROBLEM: You have an early-to-mid-stage business heavily dependent on technology that is poised to expand but juggling multiple legal issues on a regular basis, and find yourself paying significant legal fees to attorneys.

JERRY’S PERSPECTIVE: Entrepreneurs are fierce, independent, driven, and diverse, which means the legal needs of each business requires an individual approach. Mindset matters and we take the time to frame each issue and approach each problem in the most positive and constructive way possible.

How this shows up in your business: 

  • You are not comfortable with the price and responsiveness of your law firm
  • Your current attorney(s) miss the nuances in your products or services
  • You have been approached for acquisition or you are considering acquiring
  • You struggle with the legal intricacies of your decision-making

Jerry’s Core Competencies: 

  • Risk Management
  • M&A Negotiations
  • Due Diligence & Vetting

Jerry is a seasoned attorney and strategic advisor with over 20 years’ experience representing businesses as outside counsel, as well as being an entrepreneur, consultant and C-level executive. He has first-hand understanding of technology, operations, strategic planning, effective team building and risk management, and is committed to helping clients achieve their goals through trust, integrity, creativity and solid execution.

Let us help you navigate the complexities of business and life.