Brian Pry, CPA
Partner / Certified Public Accountant

Bryan has over a decade of experience in accounting, finance and tax planning. In addition to the operational leadership of his Arizona-based CAPA firm since 2013, Brian also provides proactive business tax consulting through Prism Financial Concepts as one of the organization’s consultants. 

As a business owner himself, Brian is all too familiar with the challenges entrepreneurs face. As such he brings a unique sense of understanding to his engagements with his business clients and draws on his exceptional communication and teaching skills to help them find greater success. His commitment to client outcomes and expertise in strategic tax planning enable him to advise clients on ways to optimize earnings with long-range goals in mind. Those who work closely with Brian appreciate his holistic thinking, broad industry knowledge and responsive nature.

Brian now resides in San Diego, California with his wife and children. He maintains his CPA license in Arizona and California, serving clients in numerous other states as well. In addition to his consulting and tax compliance work, Brian has always had a passion for coaching and speaking on topics ranging from personal finance to proactive tax planning.

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