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In today’s fast-paced financial world, clients are more informed and digitally connected than ever before. Their expectations from service providers, especially from their CPAs, have evolved considerably. This evolution creates a compelling case for collaboration between CPAs and financial advisors, two professionals who hold pivotal roles in a client’s financial journey.

Formerly organized as a CPA firm, Prism Financial Concepts understands the challenges confronting tax professionals today facing a rapidly changing industry and clients expecting speedier and more comprehensive advice.

We put in the time on your behalf to evaluate and share solutions for some of your clients’ most complicated tax problems. Expand your services while leveraging our professional expertise through our CPA Alliance Program.

What are your clients looking for?

The collaborative dynamic between CPAs and financial advisors becomes even more evident when assessing the varied needs of modern clients. An impressive 75% of clients are inclined toward the needs of advisory services, emphasizing strategic financial planning. These figures not only highlight the multifaceted demands of today’s clientele but also underscore the irreplaceable value of a CPA-Advisor collaboration in delivering a strategic, integrated approach to financial management.

Why collaboration?

As the CPA, you are the client’s most trusted financial confidant, providing guidance and knowledge. Your role is of paramount importance in ensuring financial transparency and integrity. However, in the modern landscape, clients are now seeking a more comprehensive approach to their finances. Beyond mere numbers, they are looking for a roadmap to wealth accumulation and financial clarity. It is here that a financial advisor’s experience and expertise complements the CPA role, creating a holistic approach to financial management.

Value of Our CPA Alliance Program

Enhance Client Loyalty

When a client receives unparalleled value, their trust has the potential to deepen. This can not only support retention, but also help amplify referral opportunities.

Unique Access to Independence

Through partnership, you gain access to an independent team equipped with a diverse range of investment and financial planning products and services.

Streamlined Processes

By leveraging advanced technologies and methodologies, the collaboration ensures that operations are efficient and seamless.


Our mission is to help you expand your offering with the value of integrative planning.

Expand Your Network

We are a solution-based, product agnostic team with access to an expansive network of knowledgeable financial professionals, research partners, and other subject matter experts.

Gain Back Time

Our team provides comprehensive back-end support for everything from fact finding, and case prep, to implementation and recap on client impact.

Clear Communication

You will find consistent communication with the Prism team, receiving updates on significant client financial adjustments or changes to accounts.

CPE Credits

Find CPE eligible advanced planning education through our CPA Alliance Program

Solutions Tailored to Your Client

Like you, our focus is always to do what is best for the client. This is why we aim to work collaboratively to discover solutions that are built specifically for each client.

Priority Triangle
Learn More About the Prism Priority Perspective

Expand Your Offering

Expanded services means opening new opportunities and stands as a testament to your commitment to providing your clients with holistic, comprehensive, and forward-looking financial solutions. Through our CPA Alliance Program, we can help expand your service offering, and enhance your client experience.

Teaming up with PFC empowers us to expand your service offering with distinct tax-focused planning tools that can differentiate you from the rest. Leveraging our independence, we can design solutions tailored to individual client needs, integrating strategies from our vast solution set to address both current and forthcoming challenges.

We deliver solutions that you direct, in a manner you see fit for your clients.

There is a better way.

Through its integrative approach to navigating complex financial problems, PFC has been helping CPA firms serve their best clients since 2005.

Are you interested in redefining your role in your clients’ eyes, from compliance commodity to advanced tax strategy consultant? We can help you expand your service capabilities to better meet your clients’ needs and expectations.

Ways you can engage with us:

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