Dave Busse, MBA
Real Estate Consultant
(480) 661-1236 I info@prismfc.com

THE PROBLEM: Your business is doing well but you lack clarity on
acquiring or selling real estate related to your operations.

DAVE’S PERSPECTIVE: Dave is a 40+ year commercial real estate veteran. He is also an accomplished business coach and
an expert in strategic messaging and business planning. He has significant experience acquiring large commercial real estate properties and advises the firm and its clients on the real estate
markets, commercial transactions and other complex business issues. David holds an AB in chemistry and an MBA in Real Estate & Finance from Harvard Business School.

Dave’s Core Competencies: 

  • Commercial Real Estate Finance
  • Business Planning
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Dave’s Career Highlights: 

  • Developed business strategies utilizing real estate to raise capital for start-up entrepreneurs
  • Focus on Real Estate acquisitions and finance
  • Spearheaded join venture with developers and contractors to build and purchase leased investment properties

Let us help you navigate the complexities of business and life.