Eris Wilson
Client Concierge

Born in San Diego, Eris Wilson has spent over 30 years in the charming rural equestrian town of Ramona. Eris embarked on her professional career in investment services administration, where she dedicated an impressive two decades of her life.

Before her career in investment services, Eris ventured into the world of property casualty insurance. She worked both as a licensed agent and in claims, gaining a deep understanding of the insurance industry.

She is proud to be the mom of 18-year-old Bryce, who, despite facing special needs, has been a constant source of inspiration and strength for Eris. She actively promotes awareness and inclusion for individuals with special needs, leveraging her personal experience as a mother to Bryce. Eris also supports foster adoption, believing that every child deserves a loving and stable home.

Beyond her professional and family life, Eris is a talented local artist and muralist. Her artistic endeavors have left a lasting impression in private homes, pediatric offices, local schools, and stores throughout Ramona. In her free time, Eris is an avid crafter and home improvement enthusiast.

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