CFO Case Study

Expanding 3A Automotive and Diesel

3A Automotive and Diesel is a family owned and operated full-service auto repair facility in Phoenix, AZ. Since its foundation in 1975 by Jim and Earlene, 3A Auto has provided top quality auto repair service to the people and business of the greater Phoenix area.


Over the course of more than 5 years, Prism has consulted with 3A on a number of matters beginning with a family business transition, and more recently on an expansion plan.

  • Marketing and sales consistency
  • Founder exit and interfamily business transition
  • Accounting and tax
  • Focus on the urgent over the important
  • Limited working capital for expansion

Prism’s work with the new owner began before the transition from father to son took place. The new owner had a desire to grow the business but struggled to meaningfully improve sales. Staff turnover was another challenge as competition in the industry for quality mechanics was high. As business and credit improved, the new owner was in a position to expand the business. Prism helped to analyze various opportunities the owner was considering and develop an action plan rooted in financial analysis.

  • Transition guidance
  • SWOT analysis
  • Financial forecast budgets created
  • CEO coaching
  • Sales strategy
  • Leadership coaching

Today, the business largely runs itself and the owner is expanding into new markets and other related services.

  • A business that runs itself
  • Clarity of direction
  • Strong connection to and understanding of company financial statements
  • Excellent accounting practices
  • Top line sales growth

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