Stephanie Sims
Capital Raising
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THE PROBLEM: Raising capital is often seen as a rite of passage and a badge of honor for high-growth companies, but too many entrepreneurs waste precious time and resources chasing money that never materializes. Why? They lack a targeted capital strategy and a proven process for fundraising, which are built on the solid foundation of financial expertise and early-stage investors’ mindset.

STEPHANIE’S PERSPECTIVE: Fundraising is like marketing – you need a compelling value proposition, a clear strategy, a well-defined ideal client and a repeatable process. Unfortunately, plenty of entrepreneurs leave all aspects of their fundraise to chance. I give CEOs the financial knowledge, skills and investor mindset that not only sets the company up for successful early-stage fundraising, but also positions the company to impress larger institutional investors and potential acquirers.

How this shows up in your business:

If you find yourself… 

  • Letting your team/accountant “handle” the numbers
  • Dreading conversations with lenders and/or investors – either current or potential
  • Anxious to grow but unsure that you have all the data you need to make good decisions
  • You could benefit from improving your financial foundations and adopting an investor mindset

Stephanie’s Core Competencies: 

  • Activity-Based Financial Projections: Ensure actionable projections by connecting day-to-day activities to KPIs
  • Capital Strategy: Design a capital stack that fits the company’s growth plan while minimizing the cost of capital
  • Strategic Advisory: Provide entrepreneurs with investor perspective and strategic implications of key decisions

Stephanie’s Career Highlights: 

  • Over $5B of investment banking transactions in US and Europe
  • Over $30M of early stage capital raised Exit to a publicly traded (FTSE-250) UK company
  • Frequent speaker for national organizations and small business events
  • Startup advisor, mentor, author and podcast host

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