Tom Murphy
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THE PROBLEM: Most companies are scaled and skilled for managing minor changes to long held operating models that result in moderate improvements in business efficiency and effectiveness. As companies take on more complex, transformative initiatives, they do not have the capacity, capability or tools to manage these efforts to achieve exponential and sustainable change to their legacy business models.

TOM’S PERSPECTIVE: Transformation Management can succeed when the desire for rapid, sustainable and exponential change is supported by experienced and skilled resources that can guide the executive and operating team around the numerous pitfalls and rabbit-holes common to these efforts. Experienced resources that guide program/project management, business process change, digital product management, product life cycles and employee engagement are fundamental to success.

How this shows up in your business: 

Transformative failures can show up in the following ways:

  • Failure to achieve schedules and budgets
  • Constantly swirling debates surrounding key
    decisions, actions and next steps
  • Employee exhaustion, burnout and increasing organizational stress
  • Failure to promote positive behavioral change
  • Loss of market share and customer relevance

Tom’s Core Competencies: 

  • Complex transformations to business models
  • Merger & Acquisition execution oversight
  • Program & Project Management
  • Behavioral Change Management
  • Development and Alignment of Business
    & Technology Strategies

Tom’s Career Highlights: 

  • Technology executive roles at Fortune 100
    companies overseeing business transformations and mergers & acquisition efforts
  • Innovation partnerships with business leaders to implement and transform legacy operations
  • Lead efforts to help small businesses with
    resource planning policies, practices and
    technology tools
  • Board strategy facilitation and planning for universities, city governments and Chambers of Commerce

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