D. Tyler Heymann
Founder / CEPA

David “Tyler” Heymann is a 20+ year veteran financial advisor and business leader. He has served in a number of roles throughout his career including Chief Financial Planner, Chief Investment Officer, Family Office Director, and Chief Executive Officer, primarily working with middle market RIA’s and Multi-Family Offices.

His love for people and his ability to provide clarity around complex financial problems has kept him excitedly working in a client facing capacity where he feels he does his best work. Fed up with the “business as usual” attitude of the financial advisory community at large, in 2016 Mr. Heymann re-invented his company Prism Financial Concepts and set out to accomplish three things; eliminate conflicts of interest that exist in the FA industry; realign advisor compensation with customer value; and change the conversation that advisors have with their clients to support a best and highest capital allocation mandate.

He is the author of “The Investment Paradox of the Entrepreneur”, a white paper that speaks to the practical aspects of the change he advocates for, and over his career he has advised thousands of business people on the benefits of thinking differently.

He is a past board member of the Arizona EO Accelerator Program, a mentor for the Arizona Commerce Venture Ready program, a past sponsor of Arizona Start-up week and a current and startup company board member. 

A believer in living a well-rounded life, he has dedicated time to coaching ice hockey and is an avid supporter of social and communal causes that enable greater safety and security for children and empower financial literacy across the Arizona community.

Tyler has earned a Masters of Science in Financial Services from the Institute of Business and Finance. He currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and two teenage children….and their Havanese Charley.

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